Friday, July 27, 2012

0 Blood Donation Catastrophe

My first time at Stanford blood center, and my first time donating blood for anything, especially for myself.

I answered the basic questions about my health, signed waivers, paid the $320, got briefed about iron supplements, proper diets and foods for blood replenishments, and on we go to the donation bed.

Since this was an autlogous donation for a surgical procedure, I had to have a nurse perform the donation. After sizing up my veins, it was unanimously agreed by 2 nurses that I would need the smallest needle.

me: that's good, a small needle is bound to hit one of my veins


The needle is inserted, and a trickle of blood flows. Then it stops. Second nurse comes... wiggles the needle, and calls out to a third. Third nurse comes, pushes the needle further in. By this point, I am speechless with the whole clinic looking over at me looking at 3 nurses play with a needle stuck deep in my arm.

I actually felt fine, and the nurses decided I had a high platelet count.

Finally, the original nurse called an end to it, discarded the old blood, and tried my right arm.

First time was a charm.

This is just one of two donations for my 2 lbs of blood. At least we know which arm to use the second time.



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