3 Photo Progress

A one month photo progress from pre-surgery to Day 31. I start looking about normal at around Day 27. The 4 weeks estimate my surgeon gave me was dead on.



  1. Wow you look great. I get my double jaw surgery on the Jan 18th-2014.... I'm getting nervous. I hope I have the same recovery time as you did. I have read a lot and most people do not recover after 4 weeks !

  2. Your results are amazing, I'm sure you must be very happy with them. Though, you haven't updated in a while, how did the rest of the stuff go?

  3. i am starting my process and will go through exactly what you are going through. i am only at the initial step and scared out of my mind. reading your journey does and will definitely help. Thank you for this. I hope to come out the same outcome as you did.


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