1 My Reasons

To fully explain what I needed, I will briefly describe the procedure required for an overbite and an underbite:

Overbite Procedure

An overbite occurs when your lower jaw is underdeveloped relative to your upper jaw, causing your upper teeth to hang over your lower teeth. In order to correct this, your upper jaw may be retracted, and your lower jaw may be extended forward. This is done by cutting your upper jaw below the nose line and sliding it back, and cutting your lower jaw at the right and left just behind the teeth, and sliding it forward. This is shown in the video below, courtesy of DrMarkBronsky on youtube:

Underbite Procedure

Underbite treatment is the exact opposite of the overbite; your upper jaw may be advanced forward, and your lower jaw may need to be retracted as shown in the video below

My Reasons

I have a combination of both, in a sense. My lower jaw is rotated to my right. So, when I try to close my teeth together, my right joint is pulled forward out of the socket, causing all sorts of discomfort, tension, and joint issues. When I let my jaw relax, my jaw rotates right and none of my teeth fit together.

In essence, I had an underbite on my left side (over-development of the lower left jaw), and an overbite on my right (under-development of my lower right jaw).

My procedure involved the advancement of my upper jaw forward 3mm for general balance of my bite geometry, the setback of my left mandible, and advancement of my right mandible. This would help rotate my jaw over to the left and bring my lower center-line close to where it needs to be.

Other/Future Procedures

My lower right mandible is underdeveloped not just in length, but also in fullness. In other words, while double jaw (orthognathic) surgery helps fix the lengths, and corrects my bite relation, my right side of the face will tend to look flatter than my left. My chin is also still slanted to my right as a side effect of one side developing more than the other.

Follow up procedures to fix these are fully cosmetic, and will need to be performed around 9 months after the double jaw surgery. This treatment may involve a mandibular implant on my right, and a sliding genioplasty to center my chin. Details of the procedures however will need to be determined at the 9 month mark or later ,after all my muscles have settled and post-surgery orthodontics have been completed to determine the actual necessities -- minor changes to my face will still occur during this duration, and the cosmetic procedures may or may not be required.


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