Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Day 39. First haircut after 7 weeks, rescheduled "solid food" appointment

I FINALLY got around to this pressing task. My hairstylist was most certainly surprised to see me walk into the salon. It was good seeing her again! Especially since my head was starting to feel really heavy from all the hair. Goodbye Justin Bieber... mop head... bowl-cut hair!

I realized today that my next appointment with my surgeon, (A.K.A the appointment where I get official approval to start eating soft foods, running, etc), was scheduled at the 6 week 3 day mark instead of 6 weeks.  There is absolutely NO way in hell I am waiting 3 extra unnecessary days to start eating solid food. I have rescheduled it for this Friday, and I am very much looking forward to practicing chewing on pasta and scrambled eggs this weekend. And if I am lucky enough to improve quickly, potstickers! (and other ground meat products)


  1. ooooooo...pasta and other soft foods! I think even McKayla would be impressed with that...

    1. She should be. I may even deserve one of her Olympic golds for this.

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