Monday, October 8, 2012

0 Day 45. Tackling Noodles. And Ice cream. But mostly noodles.

Day 45 Post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery

Lunchtime at work, I decided to go get some Pad Thai from Amarin Thai Cuisine in Downtown Mountain View with my buddy Frank.It sounds easy. Noodles; they're soft and easily chewable. But in this case, it is less about the chewing, and more about lip movement.

Specifically, that moment when you fork noodles or spaghetti into your mouth, and you have some extra dangling from your mouth. For the average, fully abled Joe and Jane, he and she would just use their tongue/lips to kind of reel that extra length in. For the disadvantaged double jaw surgery patient suffering from a severe case of stiff and numb lips and cheeks, this is NOT so easy. I can't even feel if I have noodles clamped into between my lips. Yes I have partial feeling, but the sensitivity isn't' high enough to detect neither noodles nor ice cream and chocolate syrup dripping down, apparently.

I highly suggest having your napkins placed bib style. You'll look like a dork, but an intelligent dork, who will not be embarassed later by walking around with a grease stained shirt. If you're friends are as good as my buddy Frank, they won't even notice that napkin bib is out of character. This may or may not be a good thing.

Day 45 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery eating noodles

Work after lunch was kind of an unfocused mess; PDFs tend to lose their charm after about 5 hours. Emails after 3. But seriously, if you do not have Camera Awesome on your smart phone, you really should download it.


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