Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Day 46. Post Surgery Orthodontics Begins!

I was ousted from my mayorship at my orthodontist's office on Foursquare, but I'm in the running again.

This is the face of a proper mayor:

Due to the stiffness of cheeks and my inability to open my jaw more than 2 fingers width apart, Dr. Ashouri decided to just put bands on the sides of my teeth. They serve the same purpose as the bands previously from my surgeon, though in a different configuration; they help hold my jaws over to the left counter-acting the muscles on the right and their tendency to pull the jaw into its former position (see My Reasons for a better idea of what I mean).

The bands on my left are to be worn permanently until instructed otherwise, and only removed when eating and brushing. The bands on the right are to be worn only during bedtime. They look a little something like this:

My next appointment with the orthodontist is in 5 weeks. I do hope by then I will be able to open my jaws wide enough for her to really get to work.


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  3. How does it feel to have your teeth moved after surgery? I'm not looking forward to it! I had surgery 15 days ago.

    1. It is certainly the easiest part of the whole ordeal! However, I am now about 8 - 9 months post-op and I am so ready to take them off!

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