Monday, October 1, 2012

1 Day 38. Out of my elaborate prison! Feeling in the right chin!

Went into the office for the first day in 5 weeks today. Since I'm still not allowed to do any strenuous exercising, which unfortunately includes bicycling on the hills of San Francisco, I had to walk to the train station today. It takes about 3 times as long, but on the bright side, this is now my exercise instead of treadmill walking.

Being with the hustle and bustle of all the other professionals in the morning had never felt so great. I probably walked across Union Square grinning like an idiot -- a grin I couldn't feel, but it was most likely there.

On a side note, in the past 5 weeks, the CalTrain schedule changed on me. My usual morning bullet train left 3 minutes early, and stopped at stops that it usually passes. In a moment's panic I was worried it would not actually stop at my stop. But, it turns out Downtown Mountain View is still a stop for ALL bullet trains. I'd like to thank Google, Apple, Firefox, Meebo, Loopt, etc tech Headquarters for making this one of the most critical stops on the route.

And here's me hard at work, looking serious, with my still puffy looking chin.The day I get my jaw/chin definition back will be a happy day.

The intern wasn't in today, which actually did make the day rather dull. On the bright side, I was able to semi-close my office door and turn up some music so it kind of felt like home. Yes, I have my own office unless we hire an intern to help out. It's really quite a great setup. But it currently looks more like a boy's (say, Justin Bieber's) room with my mess, and my dismantled mountain bike in the corner. This is taken with the new panorama feature on iOS6. Pretty neat!

I miss google maps though.

Feeling, though faint, is returning to my right chin! My concerns of permanent absolute numbness on this side is hopefully over. Looking forward to having it recover a lot more. 

Thank you apartment for being such a great recovery prison for me the past 5 weeks. I love my apartment, but am definitely glad to have the freedom to leave it more frequently now.


  1. Hi, may i know those additional procedures to even out facial muscle balance? thank you


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