Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Day 34. Dark discolorations on Back Molars, and Justin Bieber Hair

I was able to open my jaws wide enough today to brush my back molars with my kid's toothbrush normally. In other words, from the top, instead of at an angle from the side.

As I was enjoying this new-found ability, I noticed something peculiar. The entire top of my back  molars was covered in dark stains. I immediately panicked thinking that during my 2 weeks or so of limited teeth brushing, the entire top of my of my back molars were in decay.

Suddenly, my new-found ability to open my jaws wider was used in an expression of horror

Note the improvement in jaw opening
I immediately emailed my surgeon about this.

One thing to note is that for my first 2 weeks, I was using a prescription strength Chorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse, that warns of increased tartar build up and teeth discolorations. While I was aware of this,I assumed that discoloration meant some minor yellowing here and there, and not the propagation of a dark, almost black layer over the entire top of my molars.

Well, turns out that this propagation is normal, which is unattractively fortunate.

Unfortunately, what this also means is that I will have to get the discoloration buffered away by a general dentist, which means sitting through a session of having a rotary grinder passing over my teeth, listening to that high pitched buzz vibrating through my skull.....

My sister commented on my entry from Day 31 that I now have Justin  Bieber hair. My stud of a buddy Brian Baumgartner claims I've been afflicted with Bieber Pyrexia.What do you think?

The similarities are uncanny. I desperately need that haircut.


  1. Get the haircut, beebs! A new do and a little teeth cleaning and you'll be ready to roll!

    1. haha, Thanks Allison! Hope you're all recovered from the wisdom teeth ordeal!

  2. Replies
    1. There's no 'like' button... Why is there no 'like' button?!

    2. hahah the pretty one! You are sooo precious! And I love whomever utilized the word pyrexia!!

  3. Your website really helped me. Let me introduce myself; my name is Marta and I am 26 and was born with an underdeveloped lower jaw and eventually developed an overbite on upper jaw. None of my molars even aligned until now. Just had double jaw surgery December 4, 2012. Caught right in the cross fire of the holidays. Its a tough journey but now I have a better understanding of what is to come because of this website. Currenly at 10 days but of course six weeks can seem an eternity. I think more people should post their experiences. Well thank you for providing great information. I want solid foods so badly and can't wait to get rid of this splint...soon!


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