Monday, August 27, 2012

2 Day 3. Is it over yet?

I spent most of my day today sleeping, waking up, pacing back and forth a few minutes in my room, "eating" some liquids, taking antibiotics and pain meds, then falling back asleep. Throw in some antenna NBC bay area here and there. "Scene in California" can be a very intriguing show.

My mom, sis, and Paul setup the room for me so that I can take good care of myself without moving around too much. I have a costco box of nutrition shakes, and a table setup with my antibacterial mouth rinses, antibiotics, pain medication, vaseline lip balm, spit bucket, sanitizing solutions, gauze, syringes, sodium chloride rinse and nose sprays, etc.

Day 3 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery medicine table
One thing I noticed about my swelling today is how much it actually fluctuates. I went through some parts of the day with the swelling feeling pretty minimal (admittedly, I still look bloated), to moments where I REALLY swell up. I was really hopeful during those low moments that I was near to being done with this phase, but lose that hope pretty quickly. I am not sure what causes these fluctuations, but on average, the peak swells day to day are improving. Either way, I am no exception to a slow, long recovery.

I do need to remember to stay better hydrated. It's just such a chore to sanitize my syringes  before and after every time I drink water.

Face shot for the day:

day 3 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery front swollen


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