Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Day 5. Poopity Poop

I had bowel movement for the first time since the surgery. That would be 5 days.

TMI? Maybe. But this is big. If I keep up this liquid diet, I would have to go regularly at about this interval. It's still not necessarily healthy, but it's a baseline.

I can't wait to be upgraded from a liquid diet to a blended diet. My first post-surgery checkup is this Friday. I'm hoping I would have recovered enough to do so, to be determined by the surgeon. I could definitely eat something other than broths and nutrition shakes about now.


  1. Ray! That is awesome that you had a bm! Nurses LOVE hearing when patients have flatus (farts) and bms!! That is a great sign that the anesthetic is out of your system and you are recooping! Go Ray! Hoping for the best with your blended diet on Friday! Keep up the strength and water! ;]

    1. Sammi you crack me up! But I am glad it's a good sign. :) I started incorporating prune juice into my dinners tonight.


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