Thursday, August 23, 2012

0 The Last Supper

This is my final solid meal before my 4 - 6 week liquid diet phase. Ton Katsu, Spicy Tuna roll, flan pudding with green tea ice cream and fruits. This was after a BBQ pork bun and Shu Mai snack. I certainly made the most of it:
I can't say I have successfully put on any weight. Maybe half a pound to a pound, but I did try. Some of the meals I did have in the past few days:

Lori's Diner fried chicken, rolls with butter, and an "orange dream" milkshake.

Sweet Tomatoes all you can eat salads, pasta, and soup bar

Friend's birthday BBQ feast in Berkeley. 

Jumbo Chorizo Suizo quesadillas from El Farolito.

A picture of me taking a picture of the quesadillas.

Saag Gosht (lamb and and spinach , creamy), garlic naan, mango lass, from Pakwan Restaurant.

A multitude of desserts, courtesy of Boris and his grandma, who just about handmade everything on this table.

I even cut down my running from 4 days of running a week to just... well... once.

We will see how much weight I lose the next 2 weeks. Hopefully it won't be too drastic.


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