Friday, August 24, 2012

2 Surgery complete!!

According to my mom and sis, my procedure was done in less than 3 hours. It went smoothly.

I was kept at a recovery wing for 2 hours before being transported to my room. I could hardly stay awake.

During this time my heart rate was at a low constant of 43 beats per minute for most people this would be a red flag, for me this was just the mark of an efficient heart. Nurses referred to it as the runner's heart. It pays to be healthy.

I have been told I should not eat all day today. Good thing too, I hardly have an appetite.

As a side note and big coincidence, one of the cyclists who got bumped from Caltrain with me yesterday is a nurse here. Small world.


  1. Dear Raymond,
    PS. Let me know if you need some Cataning this weekend :)

    1. :) I think my catanonline account was finally canceled due to too many days of inactivity. Though, you can always come visit if you want to see this over-inflated face in person. If we were to do the Up characters again, I would be a much more convincing fat Russell.


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