Saturday, August 25, 2012

0 Presents, pain, blood, food.

Woke up to Sammi walking into the room today with presents! She got me some whiteboards, one in the shape of a floppy drive so I can communicate, and a cuddly!

It was good start until my surgeon paid me a visit about an hour later. No bad news, in fact, very good news. He reiterated that on the operation table , everything just fell right into place. However, he decided to tighten the bands that's keeping my jaws shut and my face has been sore all day. painfully sore.

Thank goodness for this sack of ice packs that I am able to tie around my head.

I was given instructions to start walking around and eat more. As usual, the moment I stand up my nose is a bleeding fountain, but I walk around with a gauze mustache.

Had my first real meal since the surgery: cream of chicken soup liquified and a V8.

Got some chocolate flavored nutrition shakes for snacking the rest if the day.


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