Tuesday, September 11, 2012

0 Day 18. Happy Birthday To Me!

I turn 26 today. And, I quite literally had one of my best birthdays, thanks mostly to Paul for a surprise, but also to my insurance company.


I received a posting on my insurance account days after the surgery for the surgery fees, and the hospitalization fee. The claims were being reviewed.

Today was the day the insurance company completed some of the processing. Here's a summary of what I saw:
Day 18 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery insurance claims in progress

I was ecstatic. There's still procedure 2 awaiting action, but I'm deducing it will be covered since they were all pre-approved. My surgeon just needs to submit some notes on the procedure.

 And yes, $112,242.85 is ridiculous for a 2 night stay. 

Apart from that, most of my birthday was spent working from home, doing a little studying, until Paul came home with bags of groceries for a surprise liquid dinner. After his slaving away in the kitchen for about 1.5 hours, this is what I got:

Day 18 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery birthday liquid diet dinner
Fresh homemade cream of mushroom soup, Fresh homemade gazpacho, cucumber pear juice, and homemade orange-cranberry spiced tea. Everything was absolutely delicious! This was a very welcome break to the simple soups, broths, and Ensure nutrition shakes I've been having day to day. 

Day 18 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery birthday liquid diet dessert

And what's a birthday without a dessert shake? Though, to spite me, Paul put a candle in it. What I mean is, I can't blow out a candle with my teeth banded together. So i had to find some alternative method.


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