Sunday, September 2, 2012

6 Day 9. Tingling and Spasms.

The last few days my numb chin area has been tingling like mad! It is still numb to the touch, but it tingles! It's intense enough where it is actually making it hard to sleep some nights.

My jaw muscles have also had occasions of semi painful spasms.

All are good signs that my nerves are trying to wake up, I hope. But these newer sensations are extremely distracting.

I am completely off pain meds by now.

Most of the bruising along my lower jaws have completely faded. I look almost normal again, except for the still puffed up lips, chin, and inner cheeks giving me an unintended duck face. This means for now I am a natural MySpace poser.

day 9 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery front swollen


  1. Bro, i love your blog, i just had the surgery 9 days ago, and been reading this stuff everyday see how we can relate.

    1. Hey John! Thanks! Sorry it took me this long to reply it's been a hectic month. Hope the recovery is going well!.

  2. Hey! I came across your blog while looking for ideas of what to eat for my birthday. I had double jaw surgery and my wisdom teeth extracted 4 months ago. A section of my chin and lower lip are still numb and my chin tingles. It was so weird because it tingled so intensely it hurt, but... I couldn't feel it. Paradox. It made sleeping really hard. It is better now, more like a mild throbbing. Do you have all of the feeling in your face back now? I think it's great that you decided to blog your journey! Thank you for putting in the effort.

    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have full feeling back in my face now :) At some point I lost track of when it all came back. One day it's tingling, the next day it's normal but you don't really think twice about it.

      Hang in there with the wisdom teeth effects. I recall getting that done, and it too wasn't fun.


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