Monday, September 24, 2012

4 Day 31. Splint removed! But liquid diet continues...

The good news is, I got my splint removed!! And for the first time in 31 days, I can talk without a lisp through clenched jaws! Though I am still encouraged to stay banded when I can.

Still, I mean, just look at the things I can do!

 Impressive! I can also open my jaws about a finger's width apart today, an improvement from a half width a week ago.  Apparently this issue fixes itself when I start to use my jaws more. I guess removing the bands for teeth brushing paid off more than just oral hygiene. I can opt for physical therapy if it doesn't improve any further in the next few weeks.

The splint removal was actually a very simple procedure involving the unwiring of the splint from my surgical hooks, and removing it. But upon arrival at the surgeon's office, I was made to sign a local anesthesia waiver, and then play some dressup with the nurses:

It was all a false alarm; I think they just wanted me to wear the hat around the clinic for fun. The whole procedure took about 3 minutes.

Dr. Hoghooghi, then performed a test on my right chin numbness.  I cannot feel dull pressure, I cannot feel a point, but I can feel a pinch! Great news, considering I could feel absolutely nothing weeks ago.

And to everyone wondering just what the heck IS this splint, say hello to my dear friend,

It is this dirty stained plastic piece that fits  my lower teeth against my upper teeth, and when my jaws are wired together with the splint between them, I cannot move my jaws at all.  It is this plastic piece that has made my recovery a huge success.

For the bad news, my high hopes of being advanced beyond a liquid diet came crashing down when I was instructed to stay on a liquid diet for 2 more weeks.

I think I'm going to need more Ensure nutrition shakes.


  1. You now have Justin Bieber hair

    1. Ray has the Beiber fever... Sadly, I hear they still don't have a cure... :(

    2. Excuse me: The Beiber Pyrexia.


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