Wednesday, September 12, 2012

0 Day 19. Drinking from a cup, and feeling in left chin

I managed to drink water from a cup today without a syringe! It took some practice in front of a mirror to get my lower lip bearing against the cup correctly, since I cannot feel it. But having feeling in the upper lip helps at least with the actual act of drinking. This is how I felt:

In my excitement, I shared this new feat on Facebook and directly with a few friends, including my stud of a buddy Brian Baumgartner, who in an overwhelming act of encouragement, responded with this:

Ignoring his sarcasm, I proceeded to drink a few more cups of water consecutively just because I could, to which he called me a show-off.

And as I was sitting in the lazy boy working away on my laptop and playing with my numb chin every now and then, it suddenly occurred to me that I was partially FEELING my fingers on the left side of my chin. This is a huge step forward in a much shorter-than-expected period of time, a milestone I decided not to share with my stud of a buddy, Brian Baumgartner.

Hopefully this means I'll be regaining feeling to my chin and lips faster than average.


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