Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 Tools of Communication

Even though I am allowed to talk some, I cannot over do it, else my jaw and face muscles get extremely sore and tired.

But, thanks to technology I have a few tools set up around my room to help me communicate with any visitors. I've been using the two tools below for all my visitors this past week.

The first one allows me to type on my 46in TV screen, from my laptop. Even though they are two different computers, a software called Synergy converts my laptop into a wireless keyboard and mouse by moving my cursor on to my TV screen. See the 30 second demo below, it's awesome.

But of course, sometimes a basic text to speech works just as well.

Got to love technology. As you can tell, my swelling has gone down even more since Friday. Lips are still swollen and mostly immobile though.


  1. Ray your face looks much less swollen!! I LOVE the technology that is super cool! But I feel like you need a male computer voice hahaha.

    1. Unfortunately the free version only comes with the female voice :(


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