Tuesday, September 4, 2012

0 Snapped band replaced, and teeth brushing with an immobile jaw

Turns out it was critical that I got my bands replaced this very day to keep my teeth closed. So, my mom drove to the city to pick me up and then drove me to the surgeon's.

I was given a pack of spare bands, and taught how to replace them myself with a pair of tweezers if I should need to.

I was also told that my sutures have healed enough where I can remove the bands myself day to day and brush my teeth.

Yes, I haven't brushed my teeth in 11 days, but instead have been using a prescription strength antibacterial mouth rinse.

After I got home first thing I did was remove the bands to brush my teeth.

However, after removing the bands, I was only able to open my mouth maybe a half  inch apart, not wide enough to fit my toothbrush through to the inside. I could not believe how weak my jaws have gotten after 11 days of liquid dieting. I may have been able to force them open wider, but I was paranoid about snapping any plates and screws and having my jaw bones shift. I will need to confirm with the surgeon if this is a normal symptom, and if I should be attempting to open my jaws wider at this point.

So, I brushed just the outside of my teeth, and then rinsed out my mouth really well before putting the bands back on. It was better than nothing, and felt great.


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