Friday, September 14, 2012

0 Day 21. 3-Week Post-Op appointment

3 weeks down. The surgeon inspects the inside of my mouth, and then exclaims I've healed beautifully.

My next appointment is in 10 days where I'll have my splint removed, or so I understand. He said lower splint, but I do not have a splint on my lower teeth, so I can deduce that he actually just meant splint.

I think this means I'll be upgraded to a more solid, blended diet....? I didn't ask, but... I can hope!

My insurance company also decided to change things up a bit since my birthday. The once approved $12,000 for the $13,500 procedure is now "in-progress". The $13,000 posting is still "awaiting action". However, the previous amount of $2713 or so that I owed to Stanford Medical Center has been reduced by a full $1000. I don't know how, but I'm certainly fine with that. Win some, lose some.

A new claim showed up today listing an Edward R. Baer MD for $2,640 on service date 8/24/2012, the day of the surgery. I have no idea who that is or what it is for, and will have to verify with CIGNA come Monday that this is valid. My best guess is that it's for anesthesiology, but somehow I feel that would have been part of the $112,252.85...

For now, I'll just not worry about the credit card due dates, and continue to drink water from a cup.

Day 21 post double jaw (orthognathic) surgery drinking without a syringe


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